Meds from Canadian Pharmacy, deals with delivering generic drugs throughout the world. The company is a professionally managed distributor thus ensuring that only the best quality drugs are sold and distributed within its network. This online clinic deals with virtually all health conditions from asthma to heart disease and even depression.

When it comes to online pharmacies, one of the major concerns by customers is the quality of the drugs sold. Well, you can rest assured that with Canadian Pharmacy you will be in safe hands. This is because a highly qualified pharmacist heads the pharmacy. The employees are also registered practitioners and only dispense drugs that have been approved by trained and licensed medical doctors.

The generic drugs are from reputable manufacturers.

The reason why they are cheaper than locally available ones is that the pharmacy buys directly from the manufacturers thus eliminating intermediaries who tend to inflate drug prices. The company also buys in bulk thus taking full advantage of economies of scale whereby its cheaper to buy drugs in bulk than a single prescription each time. In the end, the customer enjoys all these benefits thanks to the reduced prices.

What you should know when it comes to generic drugs

Generic drugs have for a long time been misconstrued to be less effective. This is, of course, a lie used by some of the top-tier drug suppliers in order to prevent competition in the industry. Basically, generic drugs are just like other prescription drugs in terms of manufacturing just that they do not have any patent protection. In such a case, the chances are that the drug’s formulation may be patented, but the main active ingredients are not patented. Another reason why the drug might luck patent protection is that. Initially, the drug had been licensed, but on the patent’s expiry it wasn’t renewed thus the drug became generic.

It’s important to note that generic drugs are just as good as patented drugs. Generics even have the upper hand over patented ones due to the much lower price. The reason behind this is because brand names are expensive and brands have to pay royalties to various patent owners that they may be using. Also, the chances are that a branded manufacturer will incur a huge advertising bill which is then passed on to the customer.

Why are generic drugs much cheaper than patented drugs?

  • Generic drugs are manufactured through already existing technologies and formula. As a result, the production cycle is much cheaper.
  • Drugs manufacturers do not require advertising and marketing budgets. How? The drug’s popularity rides merely on the already existing reputation of patented medicines. A good example would be Viagra; its active ingredient is sildenafil citrate which is also found in the generic Viagra drug. As a result, the generic one gets free popularity while also providing the same effect as the patented ones.
  • Generic drug manufacturers do not have the burden of proving the drug’s efficacy and safety. These conditions are usually expensive as they involve various independent authorities as well as government bodies such as FDA.

24/7 order guarantee offers a somewhat reputable sales guarantee. If for any reason your order doesn’t satisfy you, just contact the customer support team. In such a case, all damaged or defective goods will qualify for a free order. That being said the company doesn’t currently support the return of products this is because international rules prohibit the return of medicaments.

If your package fails to arrive within30 business days after you clear the order or the company notifies you that your package has been put on hold, you can request for a refund by filling out the refund form. Canadian Pharmacy promises to offer a full refund or a reshipment of your order after the request has been received.

Anti-Spam policy

We all hate spammers, for this reason, has a strict anti-spam policy which is enforced by GeoTrust. The website is equipped with WebSafe Shield making it a hacker free site. The company doesn’t share private data such as email addresses with third parties which is the primary source of spam mail after all. Their domain appears to be clean on all significant web scanners which is a plus and further proof that the site is not a scam.

Privacy policy

Ordering drugs should always be a private affair. As a result, the firm makes it a top priority to protect the privacy as well as ensure that the safety of the personal and financial information of their customers remains discreet. The drugs are shipped in discreet packages, so no one will know what they contain. The checkout process is also secured thanks to the industry standard SSL encryption. Also, the product info will never appear on your credit card statement.

Canadian Pharmacy quality assurance

It’s almost impossible to go for a whole day before running into some online scam especially when it comes to pharmaceutical sales. That being said, Canadian Pharmacy prides itself as one of the few legit pharmacy stores out there. The chemist has over the years built an enviable reputation characterized by high-quality drugs and timely deliveries.

The thousands of purchases done on their site provide more than enough proof of this. Over time the site has accumulated quite the following and numerous reviews and testimonials from recurrent customers who had nothing but praise for the online retailer. One of the significant pointers identified by the customer is the lower prices compared to local pharmacies. While quality doesn’t come cheap, the chemist continues to invest in discounts to further encourage their customers.

Shopping convenience

Most of the drugs on sale at Canadian-pharmacy-24 are focused on personal health and can, therefore, be somewhat embarrassing to get from your local pharmacy. Thankfully the store provides the best alternative to this and offers the convenience of making purchases from the privacy of your seating room. The discrete shipping offers added privacy.

In terms of shopping convenience, the shop offers the drugs under various categories depending on their roles, and you can even use the alphabetical list to look around as well as search for the drugs of your choice.

Affordability and safety

Its recommended that all drugs and medication be stored in sterile conditions during storage, and during transportation, they are packed in air and water tight conditions to prevent contamination. Canadian Pharmacy does all this and abides by all regulatory standards. The drugs are not tampered with after they arrive from the manufacturer. Actually, the only time the store comes into contact with the drugs is during breaking bulk whereby the tablets are then allocated according to individual orders. The result of this is the undeniable quality of medication that will improve the quality of your life.

Competitive pricing

Canadian Online Pharmacy promises to offer prices that are up to 70% lesser than in your local pharmacy. On comparing their prices around this was found to be true for most of their drugs. On the other hand, the chemist has to keep up with the costs of other online stores, and in this case, the store still offers far much competitive pricing than the competition.

Promotional offers

Nothing attracts customers as much as free giveaways and promotional offers. In line with this, the company is currently offering promotional offers on most of their goods. While these offers are mainly on limited offer, you can always check on their homepage in case a new proposal pops up. Currently, the store is offering a special package of 10 Viagra pills (100mg) and 10 Cialis pills (20mg) for only $59.95 thus saving up to $40 on this single package.

Shipping policy

All packages disbursed by should arrive at your local post office as indicated on your shipping address. Depending on your location the local postman will either deliver the package to your doorstep or leave a notice in case you are away. The website currently offers worldwide service based on their two options:

  • AirMail: these costs $10 and usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks before your order is delivered.
  • EMS Courier Delivery: for only $20 your package will arrive much earlier in about 3 to 8 business days. It’s important to note that EMS is not available in every country if you cannot select the option during check out it means it’s not available in your region so you have to switch to the AirMail option which will take a while longer.

It’s important to keep in mind that goods may get delayed at customs which cannot be avoided while using the site’s delivery service. The company usually processes all orders within 24hours of checkout thanks to the ever-available bulk shipments. Once the request is approved an automatic e-mail notification will be sent to your account’s email address. In case you have any questions or your delivery is taking longer you are encouraged to contact the site’s help center in order to resolve the issue promptly.

The site only sources drugs from reputable manufacturers

Just like any other company, Canadian Online Pharmacy has a reputation to maintain. The company therefore only deals with the most reputable manufacturers. The results of this can be seen in the customer feedback whereby the company hasn’t had any complaints about the quality of the drugs. On accepting a new bulk shipment, the in-house team usually conducts thorough scrutiny before the drugs can be redistributed to their customers.

Does the store require a prescription?

No, the site does not require you to have any written prescription from authorized authorities. This eliminates the need actually to visit a physician just to get a prescription. However, the site does strongly recommend that you seek professional help before prescribing yourself any new drugs. This is so as to avoid unforeseen side effects as well as localized reaction with any other medicines that you may be taking.

Having said this, the store encourages its customers to be mindful of just which treatment method is best for each condition. The reason behind this is that not all drugs are safe for everyone. With proper caution, one can still use self-medication although it’s advisable first to seek professional opinion from your doctor. Having a prescription from the doctor will also solve the problem of picking the best dosage for you as the doctor will indicate the healthiest dose intended to be consumed each time.

Highly informative medical blog

Having professional and educational details about a drug or medical condition will equip you with the knowledge on how to proceed with treatment. For this reason, Canadian Online Pharmacy runs numerous blogs on all conditions that they seek to treat with their merchandise. Customers can, therefore, rely on these highly educative and informative posts to learn more about their requirements and the proper medication processes.

These posts are customarily updated frequently, and it’s therefore advisable to sign up with the site’s newsletter so that you can be alerted as soon as new content is added. The information is also categorized allowing customers to compare various drugs in order to pick the one that best fits their needs.

How reliable is the chemist?

To ensure that their customers are fully satisfied, the site has adopted a step by step approach to the whole shopping process. This also seals out any loopholes in the system that can be utilized to steal personal data which has become a common thing on the internet. The company relies on SSL encryption to secure customer data and only uses external payment solutions to avoid storing customer credit card details. Also, as mentioned above, the company relies on discrete packaging while dispensing all drugs thus providing anonymity as to what the package contains.

Variety of drugs available on the store

Currently, Canadian Pharmacy has a wide range of drugs. These drugs are grouped according to their use and the ailment they cure. As of right now the store has the following categories of drugs: allergies, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antibiotics, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, depression, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal, hair loss, heart disease, herbals, man’s health, muscle relaxant, other, skin care, pain relief, sleep aid and quit smoking. Each of these categories has its own drugs and each with its individual dosages to choose from. As a result, virtually any condition that’s treatable with over the counter or prescription drugs has been covered making it easier for you to access the much-needed medicine and from the comfort and privacy of your home.

The pharmacy also offers various health supplements which will come in handy if you have a nutrition deficit or your body requires more of one nutrient. These supplements are natural and provide healthy immune growth.

Customer-friendly refunds and return policy

While the company’s main aim is to provide high-quality medications and at the lowest price, the chances are that along the way something might go wrong, and your order might be misplaced or damaged during shipment. In such a case, the pharmacy’s refund policy states that the customer will be free to request for a refund. However, due to international law restrictions, you cannot send back the drugs, in such a case the company will issue a new order to replace the damaged goods. The excellent handling of customer complaints ensures that each case is dealt with and the customers do not feel left out or scammed.

Canadian Pharmacy policy on canceling orders

While the pharmacy does strive to fulfill every request, there may at times arise situations whereby they have no other option but to cancel the order. This can be caused by either unavailability of stock or problems in processing your payment option. If such a scenario arises, the company will refund any charges made on your credit card. The customer can also cancel an order but only if it’s not been shipped out. In such a scenario one just needs to get in touch with the customer care and request for order cancellation, the representative will then confirm if the order has been shipped out already, if not then the company will issue a full refund.

Their contacts

As a show of openness and commitment, Canadian Online Pharmacy has provided its contact info on their website including customer care phone numbers. If you are in the states, you can access the service by calling +1-760-284-3222. If you are in the European Union region, you can dial +4420-3286-3820 to get in touch with the help center. Alternatively, you can send an email to help@ The pharmacy can also be contacted through social media platforms such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.


While online pharmacies have garnered a somewhat sour taste among many internet users, Canadian Online Pharmacy has set itself apart from such crooked engagements. The company seems to be transparent and honest which is more than one could ask for. The store offers a wide selection of medications to choose from and guarantees the quality of the drugs. The almost 70% price reduction between what they provide and local prices is a huge save financially for all their patients.

A quick check on reveals that the site is popular especially with its recurrent customers. The site comes highly recommended, go ahead and try it out.